Home Health and Hospice Specialty Programs


Your patients are not alone. About 85% of older adults have at least one chronic illness and 56% have at least two. Building the right support team can make living with a chronic disease easier. We’d like to be a part of your patient's team.

We offer several specialty care programs as part of our mission to meet patient needs. When your patient's choose Amedisys home health or hospice care, here are our unique offerings:

Home Health Specialty Programs

Your patients aren't the only ones who can benefit from home health. Amedisys can ease the burden on you and your staff by managing the complex needs of your patients with chronic diseases, such as heart failure, stroke, COPD, cancer, diabetes and through our specialty programs.

  • Heart Failure Program

    Our goals are to reduce your heart failure symptoms, improve your quality of life and keep you at home - not in the hospital.

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  • COPD Program

    Get the education, support and tools you need to manage your COPD symptoms at home. We'll talk about your goals for COPD therapy and make a plan to reach them.

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  • Fall Reduction Program

    We provide expert health care where most elderly falls happen - in the home. We'll look at your risk factors for falls and empower your strength.

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  • Home Health Diabetes Program

    Our home health diabetes program can include skilled nursing, therapy, home health aides and other services to help you manage diabetes in the comfort of home.

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Hospice Specialty Programs

Medicare-certified hospice agencies all provide the same core services to patients; however, Amedisys provides specialized programs to support specific diagnosis and demographics.

Refer a patient to home health or hospice seamlessly.

More than 110,000 physicians nationwide have chosen Amedisys as a post-acute partner.

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