As an industry leader, Amedisys takes a strong stance against fraud, waste and abuse in home healthcare. We maintain stringent standards for regulatory compliance and are ardent advocates for anti-fraud reforms. 

Prevention and Education

The best way to fight fraudulent activity is to prevent it. We communicate clear standards and expectations for employee activities, and require periodic, mandatory compliance training for all employees. Compliance is a consistent focus at Amedisys, with employees trained upon hire, as regulations change, and re-trained at least annually to reinforce compliance standards. 

Knowledge and adherence to our compliance standards is expected of all Amedisys employees, and any employee with questions or concerns is encouraged to seek guidance from their supervisor, the Compliance staff, or through our 24/7 compliance hotline 1-800-464-0020.

Detailed Monitoring

Amedisys engages in frequent reviews of company activities to confirm compliance with laws and regulations. Amedisys performs periodic clinical records reviews throughout the year to ensure ongoing adherence to the Conditions of Participation, Medicare coverage and eligibility guidelines and compliance with other state and federal regulations. 

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