Why Amedisys?


You have the freedom to choose the in-home care provider you feel best meets your needs. Here are a few reasons Amedisys is an excellent choice for home health, hospice, palliative care and personal home care:

A Provider You Can Trust

Amedisys is one of the largest and most trusted in-home care providers in the U.S. We’ve been serving patients and families since 1982, providing expert care to over 418,000 people each year.

Superior Quality Scores

To help you find high-quality healthcare providers, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rates home health and hospice agencies on its Care Compare website. Choosing a provider with strong quality scores helps ensure you achieve your goals, have a better quality of life, and can stay home and out of the hospital as much as possible. According to CMS’ latest reports: 

  • Amedisys Home Health is a leader in quality of patient care, with an average 4.33 star rating out of 5. Nearly all of our care centers (95%) maintain a 4-star rating or above. This puts us 33% above the national average. Learn more about star ratings and other home health quality measures here.
  • Amedisys Hospice agencies exceed the national average in all seven out of seven Hospice Item Set scores that CMS uses to measure hospice quality. Learn more about hospice quality measures here.

24/7 Availability

We’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. We have team members on call who can respond by phone within minutes, if needed, which can help keep you safer at home and out of the hospital.

100% Covered

Medicare typically pays 100% of the cost of home health care and hospice services for eligible patients. Additionally, your state’s Medicaid program or your private insurance may cover in-home care. All Amedisys care centers are Medicare and Medicaid certified. We can help you understand coverage criteria. To learn more, contact a care center near you.  

Care in the Comfort of Home

Our caring team members come to your home to provide one-on-one care and personal attention. Home is where many people feel safest and most comfortable. For these reasons, home health patients sometimes recover faster with fewer complications at home, and home hospice patients often have a better quality of life.

Nationally Accredited

Trained, Caring Staff

Our interdisciplinary approach gives you access to a diverse team of healthcare professionals. Our team members are thoroughly screened and receive ongoing training, so they can provide research-backed care. We form special bonds with our patients, sometimes becoming like a second family.

Personalized Plans of Care

You can count on us to take the time to get to know you and tailor care to your goals and wishes. Your plan of care will be based on your needs as well as input from your doctor and loved ones. We also offer specialized home health programs for COPD, heart failure, diabetes and fall reduction as well as hospice specialty programs for patients with dementia, veterans and more, so you can receive the right care for your needs.

A Nationwide Network

With over 500 care centers in 39 states, there’s a good chance we offer in-home care in your area. Check our directory to find a care center near you.

Support for Caregivers & Families

Caregiving comes with unique stresses and demands. We provide various types of support for caregivers and families. This includes education about the patient’s condition, help with planning from a social worker and help with daily tasks. Hospice also may include respite care to give loved ones a break from their caregiving responsibilities and bereavement support after a loved one passes away.

We would be honored to be your in-home care provider. Call a care center near you to find out if Amedisys is right for you.

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