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All of us need something to believe in – it’s what gives our lives purpose, meaning and groundedness. The Amedisys Foundation focuses on three areas to directly impact lives and make our communities better places to live: Strategic Charitable Partnerships, Community Involvement and Disaster Area Assistance.

Making Dreams Come True

When it comes to hospice, we believe in extending a guiding hand to those approaching the end of life. We believe in going the extra mile when a dying patient has a special need or desire. Many of us seize each and every opportunity to give of ourselves, contributing our time, our money and our talents to this high calling. The Amedisys Foundation is proudly partnering with Dream Foundation, the only national dream-granting organization for terminally-ill adults that fulfills the final Dreams of patients with a life expectancy of one year or less. Since 1994, Dream Foundation has fulfilled the Dreams of more than 27,000 terminally ill adults and has never turned down a qualified applicant. Its Dreams for Veterans program, launched last year in Washington, D.C., has already fulfilled the Dreams of more than 100 terminally-ill veterans or their family members.

These Dreams help make the most of the time patients and families have left together. Dreams can be anything that improves the life of the Dreamer – a lift chair, a scooter or the funds to pay an overdue bill. They can be small – a special dinner out with family, a meal from a favorite restaurant delivered to the home, a bedside reunion with a childhood friend. Or they can be big – a trip to Disneyland or meeting a personal hero.

Donations from families and loved ones of our hospice patients help support our partnership with Dream Foundation.

Community Involvement

Our Foundation’s Board of Directors and Advisory Committees help us better identify charitable organizations that offer the most assistance to the elderly and better support our care center involvement in local communities. Our support focuses on assistance for those organizations who directly impact the lives of some of our most vulnerable citizens: seniors who are homebound or facing terminal illness.

Assistance in Disaster Recovery Efforts

Our care centers are part of communities across the country. When floods, blizzards or other federally-declared disasters strike, we stand with our people offering ongoing care and assistance to help recovery efforts.

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