Home Health Team


There’s no place quite like home when you are recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, or managing an ongoing condition like heart failure, diabetes or respiratory problems.

Our team works to help you stay safely at home, living as independently as possible. Following the plan of care developed with you and your doctor just for you, our experienced nurses, therapists and other team members bring compassionate care to you and your family.

99% of Amedisys home health care centers are rated 4+ Quality Stars.

As important as our team is to your recovery, though, the most important member of the team is you. Your commitment and your ability are going to make the difference. We help empower you to manage your health with the education, tools and resources you need.

The members of your home health team depend on your individual plan of care and needs. Not all services are needed for every patient.

Learn more about the members of the home health team:

  • Home Health Nurse

    In many ways, the home health nurse is the center of the home health medical team. A nurse (or in some cases a therapist) will be assigned as “case manager” for your care. He or she coordinates the plan of care your doctor has prescribed for you with you and other members of your team to get you the best care possible and ensure that your goals are met.

  • Physical Therapist

    The physical therapist helps you return to your prior level of function following an illness or injury, or, if not possible, helps you adapt to new ways of moving. Your physical therapists help empower you to prevent ongoing loss of independence by developing a program to keep you active.

  • Occupational Therapist

    Occupational therapists can help you learn ways to do daily tasks like eating, bathing and household chores. We can also teach you how to use special equipment and make changes in your home to reduce your risk of falling.

  • Home Health Aide

    Home Health Aides are the heart of home health, helping you with your daily activities until you are ready to be independent.  Our Aides help with therapy-driven exercise, and personal care and grooming needs.  They also bring a positive, caring spirit to every visit.

  • Speech Therapist

    A Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), sometimes called a speech therapist, helps patients in the evaluation and treatment of breathing, swallowing, speaking, cognition and thinking skills and communication disorders.   

  • Psychiatric Nurse

    At times, depression, behavioral issues or psychiatric illness may exist along with physical illness, requiring expertise in both conditions. In these cases, the skills of a behavioral health nurse with specialized training or experience is needed. Our clinicians are skilled at recognizing the signs of depression or psychiatric illness and will incorporate that into the plan of care in collaboration with your doctor to help ensure we’re treating the “whole patient”, not just a body part.   

  • Social Worker

    Medical Social Workers are available to help determine needs or assistance you may require.  They may also help identify any limitations, barriers, or safety issues that might impede recovery, educate you and your family about available community resources and support, and assist with longer term planning following your discharge from home health services; including advance care planning, health care directives, financial assistance, and transportation.  Your social worker provides helpful information and assistance as you navigate the bureaucracy and complexity that are sometimes involved in managing your illness or injury. 

Services are provided based on each patient's individual plan of care.

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