Home Health Diabetes Care Program


Our home health diabetes program empowers eligible patients to manage their symptoms and minimize their chances of going back to the hospital. We work alongside your healthcare team to provide skilled nursing, therapy, home health aides and other services that help you manage diabetes in the comfort of home.

Over 38 million U.S. adults have diabetes, and 1 in 5 don’t know they have it. When it isn’t effectively managed, diabetes puts people at risk for developing other conditions such as heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke, wounds and kidney disease. Amedisys home health offers a special diabetes program so patients who are eligible for home health and diagnosed with diabetes can learn how to manage their illness to help reduce these risks and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Is home health care right for your loved one?

Our diabetes home care management program:

  • Engages you in self-care so you can better manage your symptoms at home and identify early signs of complications
  • Addresses other illnesses such as heart failure and high blood pressure
  • Teaches you how to monitor your blood sugar levels and recognize signs of diabetes-related complications
  • Provides home health diabetes teaching on healthy habits, including lifestyle changes, wellness, diet, exercise and medication management


There is no cure for diabetes but it can be effectively managed by eating correctly, checking and recording blood glucose, solving blood glucose problems, reducing health risks, exercising and being active, and taking medications correctly.

With Amedisys, you’ll receive assessments, monitoring and home health diabetes teaching to help improve your quality of life and prevent complications. Depending on your needs and doctor’s orders, you may receive different types of care from various members of our interdisciplinary team. Your diabetes care plan may include:

Skilled Nursing

Skilled nurses are the core of the home health team. They'll work with other team members to empower you with: 

  • Disease and medication education, including self-care workbooks and other materials
  • Minimizing and responding to diabetes-related complications
  • Nutrition education

Occupational, Physical & Speech Therapy

Occupational, physical and speech therapists coordinate care to: 

  • Improve function and increase activity
  • Encourage adherence to the diabetes care plan
  • Reinforce diabetes education
  • Fall and injury reduction

Medical Social Work

Social workers may contribute with: 

  • Financial assistance/community resources
  • Education about the social and emotional aspects of diabetes care

Home Health Aide

Home health aides are always a key component of home health care to: 

  • Assist with activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming and dressing
  • Report changes and progress to the rest of the healthcare team


Every patient has unique treatment needs and goals. The following are some common goals of our diabetes education program:

  • Teach you healthy habits to control your glucose levels and prevent complications
  • Empower you to understand and monitor diabetes symptoms
  • Help you manage your medications
  • Improve functional strength and mobility
  • Establish a daily exercise routine that matches your pace and ability level
  • Help you achieve your goals and improve your quality of life
  • Reduce hospitalizations related to diabetes complications


You may benefit from our diabetes help program if you’re eligible for home health care, with a doctor’s order, and experience any of the following:

  • You’ve been newly diagnosed with diabetes and/or are unsure about the disease process.
  • You’ve had a recent worsening (exacerbation) of diabetes symptoms.
  • You are at increased risk of falling due to pain and/or difficulty walking or moving related to diabetes.
  • You’re experiencing foot problems such as deformities, decreased sensation, or new or worsening neuropathic foot ulcers.
  • You’re having trouble managing your diabetes medications.
  • You’re having trouble changing your lifestyle (e.g., diet or exercise routines) to accommodate living with diabetes.
  • You’re feeling anxious or depressed about managing your diabetes care at home.

99% of Amedisys home health care centers are rated 4+ Quality Stars.


Living with diabetes can be challenging. We can help you adjust to the extra care required to manage this condition. With our home health diabetes program, you’ll have the knowledge and support you need to confidently manage your condition, so you can stay independent at home.

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