Contracting with Amedisys

Amedisys takes great pride in working with the best vendors in the country. Ethics, competence and integrity are just a few of the qualities that come to the forefront when working with new and existing vendors.

In order to maintain government compliance and ensure accurate vendor information, we require each vendor to enroll in ProviderTrust's program, VendorProof.

VendorProof allows vendors to enter and update all of their pertinent information through an easy-to-use portal. Once enrolled, VendorProof will perform a detailed investigation of the vendor, checking for OIG Exclusions, Medicare Fraud, IRS Issues and various other items. VendorProof will also collect information necessary to meet specified Medicare Advantage Compliance Program requirements.

All vendors are required to enroll, regardless of the service the vendor provides (e.g. cleaning service, vehicle maintenance, decorating service, any healthcare service, etc.) to Amedisys.


If you have not been contacted by VendorProof or have any questions, please reach out to or (844) 873-7877.

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