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Notice: Job & Employment Scams

It has come to Amedisys’ attention that job seekers have been contacted by individuals who are falsely representing themselves as Amedisys executives and recruiters. The candidates have been contacted from email addresses that do not contain the “” domain and through text messages stating that the job seekers qualify for a position with Amedisys. Our investigation shows that upon going through the process, the job seekers are offered a position and then asked to send money to an address in order for Amedisys to purchase equipment for their job. Job seekers have also been sent a sign-on bonus via check, and then informed the check was more than intended and subsequently asked to wire transfer the difference back before the check has cleared. All scenarios result in job seekers being scammed out of money.

If you are contacted about a job through text messages, instant messages, or an online chat that is coming from anything other than a domain name, this may be an indication of a possible scam. If you are asked to respond to a non “” domain, this also may be an indication of a possible scam.

No representatives of Amedisys, nor any of its affiliates, will ask for, or send, payment to a job seeker via cash, check, or money order. Amedisys representatives will also not request information from you, including: banking routing numbers, account numbers, wire transfer information, or PayPal/Venmo/CashApp, etc. Amedisys will not employ the use of third party domain email addresses (Yahoo, Google, etc.) to communicate or to extend offers.

If you receive these types of communications you are urged to report this activity to:

  • Your state’s Attorney General’s Office
  • Internet Crime Complaint center at
  • S. Department of Justice at
  • Better Business Bureau at

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