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Diversity & Inclusion


Amedisys strives to create an organizational culture and climate in which every individual is valued, all team members have a sense of belonging with one another and to the organization and feel empowered to do their best work. It is critical that all team members feel they can bring their full selves to work, unlocking their full potential. Research tells us that better representation leads to better performance which, for us, equates to better care for our patients. 

In 2020, the Amedisys leadership team committed the organization to engage in key initiatives to address these needs, and so created the Diversity and Inclusion Council, which works to address the following:

  • Ensuring an inclusive working environment free of discrimination at all stages
  • Building capacity and competency to lead and manage a diverse workforce
  • Ensuring equal access to professional growth and advancement opportunities
  • Providing education and training to drive inclusive behaviors and foster equity

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Diversity and Inclusion at Amedisys

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups are a key initiative of the Diversity and Inclusion Council. They're voluntary, employee-led and sanctioned by the company. All Amedisys employees are welcome to join any or all groups to foster a sense of belonging to the company and one another. Thus far, Amedisys has launched the following groups to date:

  • The Global Black Community Employee Resource Group
  • The LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group
  • The disAbilities Employee Resource Group

Diversity and Inclusion Training

We've partnered with Mind Gym to offer "Leading Inclusively" trainings to all our people leaders at Amedisys. As a result of the trainings, managers will learn how to:

  • Effectively create psychological safety by cultivating curiosity, encouraging healthy dissent and helping others feel safe and share honest feedback. 
  • Manage unconscious bias by recognizing bias is natural, then proactively taking steps to reduce it in decision-making and calling it out when you see it.
  • Foster an inclusive culture by managing the subtle cues we send that make others feel included or left out, and stepping in to turn around exclusion when we see it.

Additionally, all Amedisys caregivers have access to mini-learnings on diversity and inclusion, including education on microaggressions, inequality and unconscious biases. 

Celebrating Our Diversity

We know that every caregiver at Amedisys has a story to tell, and we're proud to celebrate and recognize our caregivers, their backgrounds and cultures and why they bring their talents to Amedisys. 

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